Biography [full]

Colin Hill [illy] is a highly acclaimed guitarist & vocalist currently performing and teaching in Phuket, Thailand, with a wealth of international experience at the highest levels of the music industry, both on and off the stage. With an uncanny ability to play any style of music and yet still produce a distinct guitar sound and style Colin Hill has been in constant demand in all forms of the industry for the last 40 years throughout the world. Having performed in corporate, cover, tribute and original bands and acts, and with some major international stars his experience is second to none. With a professional work ethic, huge repertoire, strong stage presence, and superb equipment Colin is the perfect choice for any live or studio situation requiring a guitarist with strong vocal ability.

He is also highly skilled in the tuition of guitar and bass with 40 Years of experience at all levels of teaching guitar. He has produced two instructional DVDs sold worldwide and developed original and unique teaching methods and courses that achieve high results in minimal time. He is involved in band and artist development, from private tuition all the way up to musical performances, recording and stage experience, a complete A-Z of musical development with an emphasis on rock style music, he has achieved an extremely high rate of success for students

Aside from his impeccable guitar playing and impressive musical CV Colin also shows his diversity by being skilled in many other areas of the music industry. He is highly competent in PA/sound system set up and operation, live sound mixing and recording, all stage equipment supply and operation. Expert in amplifier and guitar set up and operation. Past experience includes tour management, road management, venue and event booking and promotions.

.Colin has also had extensive experience in the musical instrument retail market with 12 Years experience as Sales Manager at GOLD COAST MUSIC,[now called “billy hydes music, gold coast] Southport, Queensland ,Australia. Duties include sales and technical advice on all equipment including guitars, amps, drums, PA, Recording systems etc. Other duties include staff allocation and training, stock ordering/control, liaison with wholesale sales reps, repairs, hires, rentals, floor plan displays and promotions, seminars and clinics, all day to day running of retail systems. Extremely high competence in knowledge and selling techniques of almost every major musical brand available worldwide. He has completed many intensive training seminars and factory tours of companies such as FENDER [USA/Mexico/], GIBSON [Nashville USA] and almost every brand seminar available in Australia.

In addition to this impressive and diverse CV Colin has the professional qualifications to match. He holds Diploma of Teaching and Australian teachers certificate with an additional years Training toward bachelors degree and 4 Years Teaching experience in high school year 7 to 10. [English, Social, Sciences, Economics, Driver Education]

With all these educational qualifications ,and more importantly, all this experience, Colin illy Hill is a highly skilled and complete musician, tutor, and composer ready to accept new challenges and opportunities, by continuing to expand his musical and geographical horizons and is available and motivated to work in any international situation where his skills are required.