Non musical private tuition

In addition to full musical services and instruction Colin Hill is also in high demand as a HOME SCHOOL or PRIVATE TUTOR for Social Science, English, and Geography courses for High School students grades  7 – 10 and has great experience as  a qualified, professional High School teacher with a  Diploma of Teaching:  Dip.T. and an Australian Teachers certificate: TTC.

He also teaches a specialized course covering “practical life preparation” topics not always taught in schools which he refers to as LIFE EDUCATION. This is a hybrid course of Social Science, English, Basic Economics , Consumer Education and Life Skills all with practical relevance to the ‘real world’

This covers  such areas as consumer knowledge , taxation, banking, travelling, everyday economic  transactions, basic everyday paperwork and form filling, and many other situations that students will face upon leaving the realm of the school  thus making the students more prepared for real life situations before they have to face up to it themselves.

Colin can also tutor Thai students to speak, read, and comprehend English language.

For any enquiries please use the contact form provided on this website OR direct email to: