illy's Random musical musings

illy speaks!!!!
Hi, I am illy.
I have been around a bit in this game called music, many situations, many places, many good times many bad times, but all worthwhile times. I have seen “one hit wonders”, “five minutes of famers”, big stars , small stars, “wanna be’s”, “could be’s”, and a lot of “shoulda be’s”….. I have seen a whole lot of folks who had massive talent and no luck, and even more people who had no talent and a lot of luck!!! But good luck to anyone who has managed to carve themselves any type of career in the music business. It is by means, a difficult but ultimately reward place to be!!

40 years of performing, writing , tutoring, retailing, sound engineering, roadie work, tour managing, studio sessions, constant touring, and many millions of miles[literally] travelled in relation to the music industry has given me good wealth of knowledge in this industry that I am still involved with very much today and intend to be for a long time yet. I may not have seen it all but I think I have enough to pass comment and “blog” a bit about the music industry and offer any advice to any one who seeks it.

Here are some random thoughts on nothing in particular you may like to peruse.

All the best to you all.


Unsung classic rock heroes

my first gig

The show must go on![even with broken strings]

What is old is new again. How music revolves in circles